Teeth Whitening

  1. Laser Teeth Whitening is Effective

Whitening strips and special

toothpastes can only remove surface stains. Laser teeth whitening, however,

penetrates deep to remove stains at their core, even if they go deeper than the

enamel. This is due primarily to its laser itself, and how it triggers the

hydrogen peroxide in such a way that it attacks the stain on a molecular level.

  1. Laser Teeth Whitening is Fast

Laser whitening can dramatically whiten your teeth in just one session. patients often  That means your smile is significantly whiter after just 1 session. At-home whitening solutions and other products often need to be applied daily for several hours for a duration of 1-2  weeks, before patients start seeing results.

  1. Laser Teeth Whitening is Less Damaging

Laser teeth whitening is non-invasive. There are no appliances or additional equipment used that can cause irritation or bleeding of the gums, and no after-effects of laser whitening. Furthermore, a lot of the bleaching products used in over the counter at-home procedures can be too abrasive and damage the enamel. In fact, few, if any, at-home teeth bleaching products carry the ADA seal of approval. Laser teeth whitening is safer, gentler, and done with expert supervision.

  1. Laser Teeth Whitening Can Last Longer

With any whitening procedure, the longevity of the whitening effects depends primarily on your daily oral care routine. Brushing your teeth at least twice daily and flossing  prevent the buildup of plaque and can keep stains from settling.

Services Include

Implant Dentistry
Adult Braces
(Six Month Smiles)